A Reflection on the March Iconography Workshop


StudentIcon finished 2017_webRecently, the Prosopon School offered a basic workshop at the Franciscan Life Process Center in Lowell, MI.  As an line demo and paint testing_webartist and a Christian, I was happy to be able to explore the spiritual process of creating art for worship.  I believe the next chapter of my creativity involves both worship and painting and wanted to see what Church history has practiced in the past and what it holds for the future.  The school did not disappoint.  While there was much to satisfy the craftsmanship side of my personality, there was also a deep spiritual teaching that went along with the creation of an icon.

Someone asked my husband what my main takeaway was from this workshop, and I had to spend some time pondering that.  There was so much in a short amount of time and it takes time to process.  While I’m still processing, two things stand out for me.  One is God’s graciousness.  One of my spiritual gifts is of bridge-building.  I Dimitri painting the Alpha line_webfind ways to connect believers rather than focus on differences.  I’ve worshiped with many people in many denominations.  The main focus is our worship of Christ.  I love how in God’s loving grace, He shows up in many different ways for many different people and meets them where they are—His Presence is felt.  I loved how the Trinity was honored in this workshop and worshiped in prayer, meditation, and paint.  It was such an encouragement.

I was also reflecting on DmitriisStJohn_webdoing deeper prayer and meditation before I start work in my own studio.  It’s not that I don’t pray, but the practice at the workshop was a deeper centering that I look forward to incorporating in my work.  But don’t let the fact that I’m an artist stop you from exploring this.  The teaching is structured in such a way that you can do this with no painting experience.  I highly recommend it.

(Reflection and Photos by Donna Kemper)Tatian Dmitrii_web