Adapt, Adopt, or Abdicate?

Today, I begin an experiment–maybe a short-term one or maybe longer, I haven’t decided–to share some mid-week refreshment via a video instead of writing a blog post. As you’ll hear, I have some mixed feelings about this. Is this ADAPTING to a world where people read less? Is it ADOPTING a new philosophy where the carefully-crafted written word is not valued, or, worst of all, is it ABDICATING my duty to think deeply and share carefully a Word from God? I’ll be wrestling with all that in the video. I’ll go live, God willing, at 3 PM each Wednesday for the next few weeks and share a little spiritual nourishment. You can watch the video live or view the recording anytime after that, at our parish YouTube/livestreaming page at You don’t have to be on Facebook to watch it, so just click that link. If you find it useful and think it would also be of help for someone you know, please “share” the video via your social media platforms. See you there…or, at least, you’ll see me!