Adoration of the Cross

Adoration of the Cross (3rd Sunday of Lent)“Take up your cross and follow me” means to get started on our journey to salvation. If the road we are on does not have God’s Eternal Kingdom as its destination, then we had better make a U-turn and find the right one!

“Taking up our cross and following Jesus” means trying harder when those moments of calamity, tragedy, sorrow and loss and grief beset us. It means bringing under control our uncontrollable anger, our undue insensitivity, our impatience and impetuosity. It means subduing our temperament and disposition so that we can master them rather than their mastering us.

Utter denial does not mean depriving ourselves of the necessities of life, nor does it mean we must become paupers and live in rags. Neither does it mean we must lose our individuality, personality and identity. When Jesus speaks of total and utter denial of self, He means we must subordinate our clamoring ego that prohibits us from being the Children of God we were intended to be. Good intentions are not enough. This is why Jesus says, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” Click [Here] to continue reading this article.

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