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Fr. Michael’s Blog–Triaging the Inbox

Maybe you’re the kind of person that keeps up on your email. I wish I was. I’m working on it, but it’s not uncommon for me to be about 100-150 behind on emails on any given day. Of course, some emails are more urgent than others, so there are times I scan down the list […]

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Orbital Wobbles: The True Impact of our Lives

On a recent trip to a planetarium, I watched a short film about how scientists find planets orbiting distant stars. While the planets are too far away to be seen even with our most powerful telescopes, the stars they orbit can be seen because of their immense brightness. Astronomers have learned to study the slight […]

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The Feast of the Cross

September 14, 2016 Dear Friends, Blessings to all on this Great Feast of the Elevation of the Holy Cross! I was thankful to see so many of you gathered with Bishop Anthony last night as he presided over the Divine Liturgy at Holy Cross, in Dorr. His Grace shared such inspiring words in his homily, […]

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Against All Odds: Being assured of God’s Faithfulness

The book of Isaiah speaks of a time when the people of Israel were being threatened with an impending attack from the Assyrian army. In spite of the 185,000 troops lining up to destroy Jerusalem, God–through the Prophet Isaiah–told His people they would be spared, even though this appeared impossible by any earthly means. One […]

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The Good Book is that, and so much more

Dear Friends, It is good to be back home again, after our family enjoyed a wonderful vacation and our Mexico Mission Team enjoyed a blessed week building a home. Vacations are wonderful opportunities to unplug, unwind, relax and recharge, and I hope any vacations you took did the same for you as mine did for […]

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And upon those in the Tombs, Bestowing Life

Christ is risen! After a few weeks of celebrating the resurrection, it now takes a little more effort to retain the enthusiasm we had on Pascha night in exchanging this greeting. But the truth of the Risen Christ is something that affects us throughout our lives, and of course, beyond this life. On Sunday, our […]

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