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What’s with the oranges?

Anyone who was at the services at our parish of Saint Nicholas, Grand Rapids noticed two bowls of oranges flanking the icon of Saint Nicholas. As we celebrated  the memory of our patron saint, there were lots of folks asking, “What’s with the oranges?” I was actually the first one to ask the question when […]

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More Blessed

As I write this, it’s “Giving Tuesday,” an addition to our annual calendar set aside as a day of online giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. Since you’re on the internet reading this blog post you already know about it by the dozens of “Giving Tuesday” requests you’ve received. While I’m not usually happy […]

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The Silver Bullet

The term “silver bullet” in now a common term in popular usage, referring to something that’s a simple but very effective solution to a complex problem. No one is really sure if the origins go back to the Lone Ranger radio broadcasts of the 1930’s, or much farther back into werewolf killing lore of the […]

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In an Age of Propaganda, the Truth Still Sets You Free

One week ago today, the world woke up to the news of the political earthquake that was the 2016 US Presidential Election. And the aftershocks haven’t stopped yet. Every election has those disappointed with the results. One of the major aftershocks of this election has been the unprecedented levels of fear, anger, and even violence. These are things we have […]

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In God we Trust

After a long and brutal campaign, this year’s presidential election is finally over.  Maybe you stayed up on Election Night to watch the results come in or woke up this morning to hear what happened. Because of our divided politics, you probably met the news with both hope and relief, or the opposite: fear and […]

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You Can’t Always Get What you Want

I admit it. I have what some might consider a cruel streak when it comes to how I treat my children. What do I do at their deepest moments of sorrow and distress? What do I do when life deals them such tragedies as the DVR not recording their favorite show, or opening the freezer […]

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Reaching Out, Reaching In, Reaching Up

This past Saturday we experienced one of the most historic events in the life of our parish. While that might sound like an exaggeration, the “Beyond the Image” event was the most concerted effort in our nearly a century of existence to reach beyond our own membership, in an effort to bring others into awareness […]

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Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

“Is there nothing sacred anymore?” We hear this question asked when people hear unbecoming things said of things worthy of respect. But it’s also a great question to ask, even in the literal sense. In our increasingly secular world, it is difficult to find respect for the truly sacred. Even in our own church, we now […]

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Led by a Human Touch

Yesterday, our Diocese was blessed to be the host of the opening Divine Liturgy of this year’s meeting of the Assembly of Bishops in the United States (more information on that meeting will be at the end of this post). At the Liturgy at St. Mary’s Basilica in Livonia, several dozen bishops were gathered together […]

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Fr. Michael’s Blog–Triaging the Inbox

Maybe you’re the kind of person that keeps up on your email. I wish I was. I’m working on it, but it’s not uncommon for me to be about 100-150 behind on emails on any given day. Of course, some emails are more urgent than others, so there are times I scan down the list […]

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Orbital Wobbles: The True Impact of our Lives

On a recent trip to a planetarium, I watched a short film about how scientists find planets orbiting distant stars. While the planets are too far away to be seen even with our most powerful telescopes, the stars they orbit can be seen because of their immense brightness. Astronomers have learned to study the slight […]

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The Feast of the Cross

September 14, 2016 Dear Friends, Blessings to all on this Great Feast of the Elevation of the Holy Cross! I was thankful to see so many of you gathered with Bishop Anthony last night as he presided over the Divine Liturgy at Holy Cross, in Dorr. His Grace shared such inspiring words in his homily, […]

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