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Dolce Far Niente

Those of you who know me know that I’m an advocate of working hard, being efficient, and not wasting time so that important things can be done. Let’s face it, we have a lot of work to do on some pretty important things. If you don’t know me that well but you know me a […]

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What Does Love Taste Like?

It might sound like a crazy question to ask what love tastes like, but the question is based on the assumption that you can actually taste love. It might sound crazy to say that, but what I want to say is this: you can. We just finished our parish’s annual Middle Eastern Dinner and in […]

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Hurricane Strength Humility

Okay, here comes another weather one but like the others, it’s not really about weather at all. Once again a portion of our American citizenry is bracing for the approach of a monster storm. As of this writing Hurricane Michael is a Category 4 hurricane, still gaining in strength as it crosses the Gulf of […]

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I posted some pictures the other day on Facebook that I had taken while out for a hike this past Monday. I shared that my favorite time of fall is the earliest part of it, when some of the leaves begin to change, contrasting with the still-green leaves around them. There’s just something about that […]

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Weather Fronts

I mentioned in a post over a year ago that I’m a bit of a weather geek (see Spiritual Weather if you’re curious about that). One aspect of weather I enjoy is that it acts as a wonderful metaphor for life. For example, there are times in our lives that seem so turbulent that it feels […]

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By the Grace of God

Today’s blog post is the first that comes as a response to a question posed by a parishioner. OK, it’s the only one so far, but it’s a great question! The question reads as follows: “I’ve always wondered why, after someone is NOT hurt in an accident, or is spared by some type of tragedy […]

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Financial Peace is not Oxymoronic

Seriously funny. An open secret. Jumbo shrimp. There are lots of oxymoronic statements in the English language, things that shouldn’t go together but do. Tonight at our Parish we add one more to the list: Financial Peace, as for so many people, their finances are anything but peaceful. In a Northwestern Mutual study completed this […]

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Building A Strong Family By Serving Others

As Orthodox Christians, we are committed to the practice of prayer, fasting, confession, and acts of charity. As we approach the month of September and the beginning of a new church year, let’s take some time to rethink our commitment to these foundational practices of our Faith. In the article below, Nicholas Chakos, Executive Director […]

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Using God’s Gifts To Their Fullest

St. Paul has some beautiful words which he offers to the Christians in Rome, but they are words just as relevant to us in the Church today. He is describing what life in the Church is like, and how God has given each and every member of the Church particular gifts which He wants His […]

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Lost and Found

Don’t you hate losing stuff? We all know the routine–you go through all your pockets, empty out your bags, back track your way through the last four days. Later, you begin to really miss whatever you lost. You wonder if you’ll ever see it again. Depending on what you’ve lost, you might keep searching for […]

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Time to Go to Church: A Time to Fear and Dread?

We Orthodox, for whom change is the exception not the norm, don’t realize that children attending church with adults has become pretty rare in Christianity outside of Orthodoxy. Protestant churches generally provide a separate experience of worship or education while adults enjoy their own worship experience, free from the need to supervise their children. Some […]

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A World without Sin

Imagine a world without sin. Perhaps it’s a world where no one needs to lock their doors because there is no one to break in, steal, and cause harm. Maybe you envision roads filled with happy motorists who have neither cause nor inclination for an excess of annoyance, let alone rage. Some of us would […]

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