COVID-19 Adaptations



Please refer to the St. Nicholas Event Calendar, where you will find the links for livestreaming or service texts each service.



The Church and facilities are closed for the time being, but staff are monitoring messages.  In spite of these enormous challenges, the St. Nicholas family is still connecting! It is vital during these days of isolation to stay connected to the Church family. We encourage everyone to participate in these opportunities if not for their own well-being definitely for the well-being of those who may be struggling with isolation.

Fellowship Groups
Fellowship Groups are meeting weekly. Please visit the online calendar for this week’s opportunities.

Home-bound Parishioners
Our Forerunners leadership will be in regular contact with our home-bound parishioners, and for those with limited family support provide any logistical needs: items from the grocery store, prescriptions picked up, etc. You will be encouraged to know that both our SOYO and Young Adult leaders have already contacted me to offer their support to our parishioners. Please convey any parishioner needs to the Church Office.

Tithes and Offerings
Last but certainly not least, our parish expends funds daily to maintain our operations. Even before attendance at services was restricted, we were in a time of a challenging cash flow. Please be diligent in assuring your giving continues, either by setting up automatic payments through you bank’s bill pay option, through ACH which you can do by filling out this form, by mailing your checks to church, or giving online.


ASSISTANCE AVENUES: If you or someone you know is in need, please visit: Assistance.  Parishioners in need of assistance are encouraged to contact Fr. Michael.

FOOD FOR HUNGRY PEOPLE (FFHP): Please remember that the hungry are in need of our help now more than ever.  Continue filling your FFHP boxes. If you do not have a box, please mail your generous donation to St. Nicholas or contribute online. Contact Bruce Nicola with your questions.

HOSPITALS: are in dire need of supplies to combat COVID-19, including masks, bleach wipes, hand sanitizer, etc. For full information on how you can help, visit [SUPPLIES]They will accept hand-sewn masks. To learn how to make these go to: [Masks]. There are also instructions for how to donate to the [COVID-19 Response Fund].

INNER CITY CHRISTIAN FEDERATION: (ICCF) has requested the following support  for the COVID-19 Crisis for their residents in Family Haven and the Resident Engagement program. Please contact Greg Storey with questions or simply click here for the list of needs and how to deliver them: [DONATIONS].

MEAL ON WHEEL: Please contact Greg Storey with questions.


Heart of West Michigan (

Individual Volunteer and donation opportunities-

Team opportunities: If you want to be a part of a St. Nicholas volunteer team, contact Greg Storey.