Dormition of the Theotokos

The Theotokos, the Virgin Mary, was “blessed amongst women,” and she was chosen “to bear the Savior of our souls.” Orthodox Christians consider her to be the Queen of all the saints and angels. Knowing that she is eternally present at the throne of God interceding for mankind, we pray for her love, guidance, and protection. Every year the Orthodox Church sets aside the first fourteen days of August in honor of the Virgin Mary. >>Read more



There is a perception that we should fast when we want something, as though the act of fasting somehow appeases God, and seeing us “suffer” gets Him to grant our request. Nothing can be further from the truth. It is not our fasting that pleases God, it is the fruits of our fast (provided we fast in the proper mind set, and do not merely diet) that please Him. We fast, not to get what we want, but to prepare ourselves to receive what God wants to give us. >>Read more



Every Christian feels a natural yearning of the heart towards God, a true desire to taste the sweetness of communion, of being with Him as He created us to be. But the impurity of our hearts – full of the weight of passions, conflicts, and fears—bars the way. Yet, there is a cure for the weight of sin which burdens the heart and soul of each one of us and afflicts the conscience, keeping us from that longed-for inner peace and from peace with our neighbors and loved ones. That cure is the Mystery of Repentance, Holy Confession.

Our Faith prescribes a minimum of four occasions that the faithful should go to confession: During the Nativity Fast, Great Lent, the Apostle’s Fast, and the Dormition Fast (August 1-14).

Confessions are heard after Saturday Vespers or by contacting Fr. Michael for an appointment Tuesdays-Fridays. Booklets to assist you in preparing for confession are available on the Parishioners’ table or by clicking: Preparing for Confession.



The reason these services are called “Paraklesis” (Supplication) is because the faithful gather to supplicate the Theotokos to intercede on their behalf to her Son and our God for our salvation and for the relief of anything that burdens and ails us.

Join us for the Paraklesis Services on the following evenings at 6 PM:

Mondays, August 3 at Holy Trinity or St. George

Tuesdays, August 4 at St. Nicholas

Wednesday, August 5 at St. Nicholas – TRANSFIGURATION of our LORD

5 PM – Orthros

6 PM – Divine Liturgy

Thursdays, August 6 at St. Nicholas

Fridays, August 7 at Holy Trinity

Monday, August 10 at Holy Trinity or St. George

Tuesdays, August 11 at St. Nicholas

Wednesday, August 12 at Holy Trinity or St. George

Thursdays, August 13 at St. Nicholas

Join us for the Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos services:

Friday, August 14 at St. Nicholas

6 PM – Great Vespers

Saturday, August 15 at St. Nicholas

9 AM – Orthros

10 AM – Divine Liturgy


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