Everyone is invited to participate in our Wednesday Family Night Program. Registration is not required.

The schedule is as follows:
6 PM – Vespers/Akathist
6:30 PM – Spaghetti Supper
7 PM – Groups

Adult Groups:

The Great Journey to Pascha:

In the depths of winter, this class will explore the “Lenten Spring” of Great Lent, its prayers, services, history, and meaning in our life throughout the year.  We will use the classic book “Great Lent” by Father Alexander Schmemann as our guide for this course. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of our Lenten traditions and practices and their application to our lives as Orthodox Christians all through the year.

Exploring the Sacraments:

What are the Sacrament? How are they used? What impact do they have on the spiritual lives of Christians? These questions and more will be discussed and unpacked in this series on the Mystical Life of Orthodox Christianity.

Youth Groups:

Each of these groups will encounter faith-based fun, fellowship, & challenge.

SOYO – (grades 7-12)
(grades 4-6)
(grades 3 & younger)