Everyone is invited to attend Wednesday Family Nights!

Dinner 6 PM – hosted by one of our Ministry Teams

Classes & Activities 6:50 PM


Each group will meet for faith-based fun/fellowship/growth with members of our Youth Ministry Team leadership.

HOPE (3rd Grade & Below)

JOY (4th-6th Grade)

SOYO (7th-12th Grade)



Virtual attendance is available for both adult classes. Find the link on our Event Calendar at

ORTHODOXY 201: The Mystical Life

“The Mystical Life” is the continuation of Orthodoxy 101 and will examine how the sacramental and spiritual lives of Orthodox Christians are interwoven and complimentary; serving as a life centered in Christ.

Netted by the Web:

“Netted by the Web” is a follow up to the Parenting Plus class from last fall’s Family Night. This time, the focus will be on exploring the complex “web” of living in a digital/online world. This class is for parents, grandparents, godparents, and anyone interested and involved in the process and challenges of parenting today. We will discuss:

Orthodox Christian perspective on technology, the world that created it, and the people who use it.

How the new digital world came to be and its growing impact and consequences on all our lives.

Spiritual and practical remedies to the risks and problems confronted by all of us, but most especially our youth, in this era

Our shared experience of the challenges and rewards of this time in their lives.”