As we now know, this will be a Holy Week like no other, so our choice is to either miss the opportunities we’re being given, or embrace the realities we face and work to find the Grace of God in them!

The schedule of services is given below. The text for most of the services from Palm Sunday Evening through Pascha can be found in the “Services of Holy Week and Pascha” book that many of us already possess. For the services that are not in that book, we have provided the link to the text for each service within the listing for each service as it appears on the Parish Calendar at stnicholasgr.com/calendar. Please pray the services in the way that works best for you: either before your icons praying the text of the service or worshiping with us through our live-stream.


Saturday, April 11:
Lazarus Saturday
Orthros 9 AM
Divine Liturgy 10 AM

Great Vespers 6 PM

Palm Sunday, April 12:
Orthros 9 AM
Divine Liturgy 10 AM

Small Group Zoom Chats

Bridegroom Matins 6 PM

Holy Monday, April 13:
(Last day to have Confessions heard before Pascha)
Bridegroom Matins 6 PM

Holy Tuesday, April 14:
Bridegroom Matins 6 PM

Holy Wednesday, April 15:
Orthros for Holy Thursday 6 PM
(This service is in place of the Unction Service which has typically be done on this day and is NOT in the Holy Week book. See calendar for links and text)

Holy Thursday, April 16:
Vesperal-Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great 9 AM

Holy Friday Matins with the 12 Passion Gospels 6 PM

Holy Friday, April 17:
Royal Hours 12 PM
Royal Hours 1 PM
Royal Hours 2 PM
Royal Hours 3 PM

Great Vespers of the Unnailing of Christ 4 PM

Orthros of Holy Saturday with the Lamentations 7 PM

Holy Saturday, April 18:
Vesperal Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great 10 AM

Small Group Zoom Chats

Rush, Festal Orthros, Paschal Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom 10 PM

Pascha Sunday, April 19:
Agape Vespers at 1:00 PM



While we are restricted to the current situation, we are making the following adaptations to our normal practices:

Blessed Palms and Pussy Willows: Blessed palms and pussy willows will not be distributed this year.

Small Group Zoom Chats: In this time of isolation, staying connected is more important than ever. Small Group Zoom Chats being set up for each “neighborhood” where we all reside. Let’s enjoy some time “together” as we remain connected with our Church family. If you do not receive communication from your group leader, please email the Church office.

Candles are used by the Faithful for the Holy Thursday Evening, Holy Friday Evening, and Pascha Services. Feel free to light a candle at home during these services.

We desire everyone to worship with the Holy Thursday and Holy Friday services, so for those whose school or employer requires documentation when requesting absence for religious observances, signed letters are available [here] or from the Church Office.

Fasting: On this, the most solemn day of the Church Year, we abstain from all food and drink, especially from Noon through the Vespers Service of the Unnailing of Christ. As always, we never fast to the detriment of our physical health, so all should modify as needed.

The Royal Hours Services: The time between these services is a time to reflect upon the passion of Christ and to pray. Use your house and yard as a place for reflection, prayer, reading, or rest during these times.

All-night Vigil: There will not be a Holy Friday Vigil this year.

Small Group Zoom Chats
: On this when our Lord rested in the Tomb, we will “gather together” in our neighborhood Small Groups to enjoy fellowship and discuss preparations for celebrating the Paschal joy which transcends the bounds of isolation and distancing.

Paschal Baskets: Please have your baskets ready to be blessed at home during the  live-stream service or feel free to read the prayer over your basket.

Paschal Eggs: Paschal Eggs will not be distributed this year.



We look forward to all that God has for us as we journey toward Pascha. Please reference the following documents to assist you in not only staying informed of the dates and times of each service but also in understanding the essence of each. The Church offers us great richness and beauty in these services, and we encourage everyone to faithfully attend and embrace each one.

Holy Week & Pascha Notes: This handout will keep you abreast of any special details occurring at each service as well as how to prepare for them. [HOLY WEEK and PASCHA NOTES]

GIVING FORM: Use this link if you would like to give an offering for the items needed for Holy Week and Pascha: [OFFERING]

April Calendar: This calendar highlights the daily activities and services at St. Nicholas. [APRIL]

Holy Week at St. Nicholas: This booklet features a description of each service of Holy Week to Pascha concluding with the Agape Vesper service. [HOLY WEEK BOOKLET]

Pascha Baskets: Fr. Michael will bless Pascha baskets during the Paschal Liturgy on Saturday, April 27. Place your Pascha Basket on the left side of the Solea and then take it home with you after the Liturgy. For a helpful link on the types of items to place in your Pascha Basket, click [PASCHA BASKETS].

Holy Thursday & Holy Friday Excuse Form: Fr. Michael is encouraging everyone to attend the Holy Thursday & Holy Friday service. Click [EXCUSE LETTER] to download an Excuse Form to give to your child’s school and/or to your employer.

Having laid the body of Christ into the Tomb on Holy Friday, we stand vigil at His Tomb all night by taking turns reading from the Holy Scriptures. The experience of being in the near-empty, candlelit Church in the middle of the night and hearing and reading the words of our Lord is not soon forgotten. A Reader’s Sign-up Schedule is available for those desiring to read (a Google Account is needed to sign up, so please contact the Church Office to sign up if you do not have one). Even if you do not desire to read, come at any time to be a part of this experience, or follow through the livestream. Our Lord asked His disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Can you not watch with me one hour?” Let us answer “Yes” and take our place in the Holy Friday Vigil.