House Blessings

Dear Parishioners,

Theophany House Blessings is annual event which follows the Feast of Theophany, the Baptism of Christ, bringing the blessings of the waters in which Christ was baptized to our homes, as a blessing upon our families.


Houses are traditionally blessed with Holy Water each year bringing the blessings of the Waters sanctified on the Feast of Theophany, the celebration of our Lord’s baptism. The priest brings this Water into the home to personally bless each family member by renewing the awareness of God’s presence in our homes.  A house can be blessed at any time, but the usual season for annual blessings is immediately following Theophany.

The house blessing should be scheduled when the entire family will be present, if at all possible. Your priest understands that this will often be in the evening hours which is not considered an inconvenience to him. To schedule your House Blessing please visit the following site: [HOUSE BLESSING].


When coming to the home, the priest brings everything needed for the blessing, but the family should make the following two arrangements:

Have a written list of the names of all living members of the household, along with the names of anyone else to be included in prayer.

If the house has an icon corner, the candle(s) may be lit, as well as a censer if available. Otherwise, a clean table with a cloth on it should be prepared. The house should be free of clutter, with all radios and televisions off during the Blessing.

The priest will bless all rooms of the house. In homes with children, it is nice for the little ones to carry a candle or the priest’s cross and “lead” the priest throughout the house. An adult member of the house may also do this. While the home is blessed, the priest will lead the family in singing the Theophany Troparion (main hymn) repeatedly until the whole house is blessed.

It is a pious custom among some to give the priest a donation at this time but this is in no way expected. In the same way, while many families enjoy hosting the priest to a meal or snack, this too is not expected and often impossible due to other scheduled house blessings. The house blessing does, however, provide an opportunity for the priest to spend dedicated time alone with the family, answering any questions anyone may have or addressing any issues for which he may be of some help or support.


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