Iconography Workshop

Prosopon School of Iconology and Iconography Icon Workshop

Instructors: Tatiana Berestov with Demitrii Berestov

Date: March 20-25, 2017

Location: Francisan Life Process Center

Address: 11650 Downes St. NE, Lowell, MI 49331

Go to Icon Workshop and click on location to register for the workshop, lodging and an optional continental breakfast. You may bring your own food to cook (using the Center’s kitchen), go out to restaurants in the area, or place lunch orders that will be delivered. Other Vegan options for lunch and dinner will be available for purchase.

First and second-time students will write the Archangels Michael and Gabriel.

The icon assigned to intermediate students will be the icon of St. John the Forerunner. Intermediate students will be expected to complete preliminary work on their own in advance of the workshop: Purchase an 11 x 14 board directly from Pandora, gold leaf and bole. Transfer the sketch to the board, paint lines, complete gilding.

We begin each day with prayer and will have a selection of liturgical music playing throughout the workshop. We strive to keep the atmosphere peaceful and open for prayer, meditation and reflection so we ask the chatting be kept to a minimum.

For those interested in attending services, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Grand Rapids will be having Wednesday evening
Lenten and Saturday Vesper’s Services. Address: St. Nicholas Orthodox Church 2250 E. Paris Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546



Notebook and pen to take notes, also a digital camera.

Battery powered craft light, if it is an electric light bring an extension cord.

One or two terry towels, handkerchief for lying across your icon for working and wrapping your icon in for travel

Box for carrying your icon home

Scrap paper for testing colors

School type pencil sharpener

Q-tips for cleaning up edges & mistakes (pointed type best-you can find at CVS)

Cash for Prosopon journals & DVDs for sale

Liturgical CDs you’d like to bring to listen to during the workshop