Open Seating/Name Tag Sunday


Sunday, September 17—Open Seating/Name Tag Sunday
Come to Church and be open to a new perspective! Enjoy worship from a place you’ve never sat before with people you’ve never sat near, then enjoy getting to know them better at Coffee Hour, featuring a 10 Yard Ice Cream Sundae Bar! We are asking everyone to bring a favorite topping to share! (Bring your topping to the kitchen before the Divine Liturgy begins.)

In conjunction with Open Seating, we’ll be handing out name tags as you enter church. You know those people you’ve seen in church for five, ten or more than fifty years, but somehow you never learned their names? And you just know that you can’t go up to them now and say, “Sorry, what’s your name again?” Well, enjoy an amnesty of name-ignorance and walk around and greet old and new friends by name…and no one will know the difference! After the Divine Liturgy plan to attend  the Church picnic at Manhattan Park. (Bring a your own picnic lunch and a dish to share!) Then, cheer-on our St. Nicholas softball team as they play their annual St. George v. St. Nicholas Softball Game!