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OVERVIEW of the Project

Grand Rapids has an affordable housing crisis that is displacing some of the most vulnerable community members and in some cases forcing them into homelessness. Project GR 2022 offers an opportunity to serve our neighbor facing this crisis through a joint effort by our Orthodox Parishes – St. George, Holy Trinity, and St. Nicholas. In partnership with Inner City Christian Federation’s Community Homes Initiative our parishes will dedicate the week of July 25-29 to work together to rehabilitate homes in our city. In addition, our parishes will raise funds to support the restoration of homes in the Community Homes Initiative.

WHO can Participate?

Low skill labor workers 14 or older to work on the home

Donors and sponsors to underwrite the rehabilitation of these homes

Fellowship Groups and Church School classes can sponsor making and serving lunch for the workers on-site

Sponsors can fund a Saturday evening meal July 30th for the volunteers

WHERE and WHEN will the Project take Place?

Downtown Grand Rapids              Monday-Friday, July 25-29      9-4 PM
Home Blessing                                 Saturday, July 30                            4 PM
Vespers                                              Saturday, July 30                            5 PM
Volunteer Banquet                          Saturday, July 30                            6 PM

WHAT can YOU do Now?

Consider supporting the project financially

Volunteer to be a part of your Parishes Project GR 2020 committee

Reserve time on calendar to volunteer

HOW do I Volunteer?

VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP to participate (choose to work for a day or for the week)

WHO can I Contact regarding Project GR 2020?

Holy Trinity         Jason Bird 

St. George            Mary Lou Helderop

St. Nicholas         Greg Lambert 

HOW do I Support the Project Financially?

Contribute via cash or check to your parish with a designation – Project GR 2022

Contribution can be made online at:  [PROJECT GR 2022]