With joy, we welcome everyone back to prayer and in-person worship! We are at full seating capacity, but have set aside sections in the Nave for those who desire to wear a mask and remain social distanced.

We are so grateful that we can prepare to worship in the way worship is intended—together, in person. However, we still ask for your humble cooperation. Our Ushers serve under the direction of our Priest, so we ask that you respect their facilitation of the procedures required for attending services.


Check yourself: If you are elderly, are feeling sick, have a fever, have a compromised immune / respiratory system or have any other issue that puts you in an “at risk” category, please remain at home. Those not attending services at this time are welcome to schedule an appointment with Fr. Michael to receive Confession and Holy Communion.

Holy Oblations: The easy access Holy Oblation form is found on our St. Nicholas website under the “Parishioners” tab or by visiting [HOLY OBLATION].

Timeliness: It is important to arrive early due to preventative measures that must be followed before you can enter the Nave for worship.


Entrances: All of the following entrances can be accessed if you arrive to church no later than 20 minutes after the official start time of the service. After this time, please use the main entrance at the front of the church or Entrance B or J (for those parking in the back of the facility, it is the entrance at the end of the sidewalk that runs between the buildings).

NOTE: For those attending Saturday’s Great Vespers, please use Entrance C which is located under the canopy in the front of the church or Entrance J.

Safety Procedures: You are asked to comply with the following regulations:

Every family is still required to sign-in.

Continue to practice Hand Washing (much more effective than hand sanitizer), when you enter the facility.


Reverencing Icons: When reverencing an icon, bow and make the sign of the cross. Please refrain from kissing or touching the icons.

Offerings: An Offering box is available in the Narthex for those who have not given electronically or by mail.

Holy Communion: Please remain in your seat until an usher dismisses you and your household to receive Holy Communion. You will be dismissed up the side aisles and should proceed back to your place via the center aisle. Remember: Those receiving Holy Communion will do so by tilting their heads back and opening their mouth wide and not closing their lips on the spoon.

Dismissal: At the end of the service, please remain in your seat until an usher dismisses you and your household to reverence the cross (with a bow and without physical touch) and receive the Antidoron (Holy Bread).