Advent / Nativity Fast


This is a joyous fast in anticipation of the Nativity of Christ.
In the weeks between now and December 24, we prepare ourselves to celebrate the birth in the flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Give careful consideration to prepare for confession, participate in almsgiving, and apply the Church’s prescription for fasting.

You will find great articles and suggestions on making this Advent and Christmas season truly enriching by perusing the resources on our Archdiocese Website’s special Nativity page: [Click Here].


Every Christian feels a natural yearning of the heart towards God, a true desire to taste the sweetness of communion, of being with Him as He created us to be. This longed-for inner peace comes to us through the Mystery of Repentance, Holy Confession.

Booklets to assist you in preparing for confession are available on the Parishioners’ table or by visiting [Confession Guide].

Confession Schedule:
Unscheduled: 1. Following Wednesday Paraklesis and Saturday Vesper services 2. With Fr. Elias on Wednesdays 10 am – 12:45 pm
Scheduled: Use the link in the bulletin to sign-up for an appointment with Fr. Michael or contact the Church office Tuesdays-Fridays between the hours of 10 am -1 pm.

Having trouble catching the Christmas spirit? It can be tough to pause long enough to contemplate the coming of the Savior when we can’t keep our to-do lists under a page! Do yourself a favor and come to church on the Wednesday nights leading up to Christmas to be immersed in the beauty of the Church’s preparation for His coming. The Paraklesis is a service of supplication for the welfare of the living. It is addressed to the Most Holy Theotokos, or a Saint, whose intercessions are sought through the chanting of a supplicatory canon and other hymns. The most popular Paraklesis Service is that in which the supplicatory canon and other hymns are addressed to the Most Holy Theotokos.

During the Nativity fast, we have the opportunity to pray the Advent Paraklesis service. Join us each Wednesday at 6:00 pm from November 15 – December 20. [Note: On Wednesday, November 22, the Thanksgiving Akathist service will be held.]