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Did you know that you can support St. Nicholas by “liking” and sharing The Cultural Center’s Facebook page? If every parishioner assisted, together we could increase the business that comes to The Cultural Center. Click here to learn how: [Cultural Center].


Please be certain that each announcement submitted contains the following information:

  • Title of the event (if applicable)

  • Name of the group hosting the event

  • Date

  • Time

  • Location

  • Event details


  1. Please be certain that announcements are written in complete sentences and “Print Ready”.

  2. Submission Deadlines:

    1. Wednesday Newsletter-Noon on Tuesday

    2. Sunday Bulletin-Noon on Wednesday

  3. Include announcements on the Google Form or Email it to:


Please be certain to follow these guidelines when scheduling events (regardless of location):

  • Check the church calendar to determine if your proposed event overlaps with a posted event.

  • Call the church office to share the proposed date & time—ask that a “hold” can be placed on this date & time.

  • Complete one of the following Google Forms: [Activity] or [Meeting].

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