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Midweek Reflection — Taking the Risk of Faith

Listen to Fr. Michael’s encouraging message as he brings light, clarity, and peace to our challenging lives.   March 29, 2023 Taking the Risk of Faith We often give ourselves credit for steps of “faith” that have no risk or cost, but stop at the point that risk and cost begin. Since faith is actually […]

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The Newness of Repentance

September 1st is New Year’s Day in the Orthodox Church each year, and this gives us an occasion to focus on both realities of repentance: its long, difficult road of making the effort, and the blessed joy of realizing the goodness of it. To see the video, click here.

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Adapt, Adopt, or Abdicate?

Today, I begin an experiment–maybe a short-term one or maybe longer, I haven’t decided–to share some mid-week refreshment via a video instead of writing a blog post. As you’ll hear, I have some mixed feelings about this. Is this ADAPTING to a world where people read less? Is it ADOPTING a new philosophy where the […]

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He Knows

  We stood on the lakeshore squinting and peering, excited to have such a great opportunity. All around the globe, stargazers were hoping for a chance to get a glimpse of a comet that was unknown until it was discovered only a few months ago. Experts say it will only be visible for a few […]

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By Metropolitan John Zizioulas of Pergamon Come, Holy Spirit, Sanctify Our Lives!   The cry for transformation and sanctification corresponds to the deepest longings and desires of the human being. The world as it is, our existence, as it actually is, needs transformation. We cannot be content with things as they are. We must change […]

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No One’s Indispensable

It didn’t take much time into my 14-day quarantine to realize that I was about to relearn an invaluable lesson I was taught years ago. Due to a potential contact with a person who tested positive for the Covid-19 virus, I was encouraged by my physician to go into quarantine so as to protect anyone […]

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Those of you with whom I speak about current events more regularly know my frustration with the lack of difference in the response by Christians to the tragic death of George Floyd and the ensuing national “conversation” on race in America, when compared to the other voices we hear. On the one hand, I hear […]

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  Division. Inequality. Conflict. So much of our attention is being drawn to these in our current challenging days.  Black and White. Privileged and oppressed. Citizens and police. Republicans and Democrats. We live in a time with so much division among us, there are some beginning to wonder out loud if this can end in […]

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Dear Friends, In recent weeks, we have seen the ongoing national discourse on racism taken to a new level after the killing of George Floyd. The conversation is an important one, and we all have and will continue to hear all manner of ideas and adaptations that will be encouraged to espouse. Some of these, regardless of […]

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Dear Friends, With great joy and appreciation, I share the message below from His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH. Among other things, it shares the news that we are now blessed to return to the church for the Divine Services, up to 25% of our capacity, which in our case with our large capacity, will be just […]

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Confession (Part 1)

The Sacrament of Confession (Part I) Written by Fr. Michael Shanbour As I write this, two American astronauts are preparing to take the daring step of being strapped to the top of a rocket, filled up with millions of gallons of explosive fuel, and riding it into orbit around the Earth. Who knows, by the […]

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Confession (Part 2)

  The Sacrament of Confession (Part II) Written by Fr. Michael Shanbour I have my annual physical coming up this week. I don’t know how you feel about going for your physical, but I really don’t like it. It’s not something I look forward to. It’s inconvenient, it’s embarrassing, it’s uncomfortable, almost to the point […]

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