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Lightening the Load

When I led the 14 mile hikes that we took our oldest campers on during my time as the camp director at the Antiochian Village, I surprised some campers by taking a larger number of the shared items needing to be carried. I would volunteer to take the fairly heavy fuel bottles for the camp […]

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Forgiveness Sunday: A Word on Forgiveness

  In her enduring wisdom and love for mankind, the Church provides us with a period of preparation before we enter Great Lent. We have passed through the Sundays of Zacchaeus, the Publican and the Pharisee, the Last Judgment, and now finally with today – the Sunday which commemorates the expulsion of Adam from Paradise. […]

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Making Room to Make Room for God

It’s too easy to think of Great Lent as the time of more: more services, more fasting (and therefore more meal planning), more (or just some?) Bible reading, and in general just more things to fit into our already-packed schedules. On one level all those things are true, but truer still is that the most […]

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Once in a (Super) Blue (Blood) Moon

Although we missed seeing the event in our area because the cloudy skies, this morning’s so-called “Super Blue Blood Moon” was a pretty rare event. It was the combination of being a second full moon in a calendar month that was also on the closest approach to Earth while passing through the Earth’s shadow. The […]

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Did you know that Fr. Michael participates as a respondent for the religion section of the GR Press? Click this link to read Fr. Michael’s response in the January 25, 2018 edition to the topic of Chattering Moviegoers; [Symptom of Something Deeper] Below is another article in which Fr. Michael communicated biblical truth relating to […]

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Practicing Hatred

I spent much of my adult life living in and around Pittsburgh, both before and after going to the seminary. Through a combination of willingness, osmosis, brainwashing, and intimidation, this non-sports-following child of Southern California turned into a Black and Gold wearing fanatic. If you look in my closet, just to the right of the […]

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No Rhyme or Reason?

What few crazy week of weather we’ve had: mostly frigid and snowy, but with a few days that for Michigan in January qualify as balmy. For a day last week, it was warmer in Grand Rapids than it was in Los Angeles! It seems sometimes like there is no rhyme or reason to the pattern […]

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On Magic and Not Magic

When I announced we were having a magician come and entertain us next month, a parishioner asked me if that was going to scandalize anyone. I hadn’t thought about it but I learned that in some of the religious traditions that some of our parishioners come out of, a magic show would constitute a dabbling […]

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Listen to The Church

Let’s face it: none of us likes being told what to do. The same culture that constantly caters to our individual tastes discourages us to listen to anyone’s opinion other than our own or the people we have chosen to agree with. That’s tough for us as Orthodox Christians because our spirituality is based on […]

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The Sun of Righteousness

Fr. Michael is taking some time to be with family this week. In place of his Mid-week Message, please enjoy this excerpt from Fr. Thomas Hopko’s book which reflects on the preparation and celebration of Christmas in the Orthodox Church, entitled “The Winter Pascha.” The Sun of Righteousness … Originally there was but one festival […]

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Keeping both CHRIST and the MASS in Christmas

“It’s not so much, as the popular saying goes, that we should keep Christ in Christmas, but we should prepare ourselves to keep the Mass in Christmas. For it is our worship of God Incarnate that will reign forever, after all these material things – even the earth itself – have passed away.” This quote […]

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Do You See What I See?

I would guess most of us have a favorite Christmas carol. Mine happens to be “Do You Hear What I Hear?” The music is beautiful and the news of the birth of the Savior spreading throughout creation is wonderful to reflect on. But the title of the song came to me in a different way […]

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