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Because Life Happens Seven Days a Week

Many of us might be surprised to know that only a minority of members actually attend Sunday morning services on a weekly basis consistently. On a typical Sunday morning, about half the crowd are our once-a-weekers, another quarter are those who aren’t weekly attenders (your once-every-two-to-three weekers), and the last quarter is a mixture of […]

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Losing Our Religion: On “Retaining” Young People in the Orthodox Church

I will return from the Antiochian Village on Friday, so in my absence, I have given Keith the opportunity to provide this week’s blog. As we enter into the upcoming Church Year in September, we will encounter a greater focus on our youth—the next generation of leadership in our church. Having served thirty-years in the […]

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Elation. It’s not something we mention let alone experience very often, but it’s how I described my own feelings and those of all of us who work so long and so hard to pull off such a successful Archdiocese Convention. We attempted what some considered the near impossible: an affordable convention, held in luxury hotels. […]

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We CAN Do All Things!

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.” And he sure has given our community the strength to persevere the last four plus years as we organized, planned, strategized and made decisions for the Archdiocese Convention–AC 2019. Now all that is left is to execute. And we are […]

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Here I Am

“I’d like a tall white chocolate mocha, extra hot, no whip, stirred.” Yes, this is somebody’s actual standard Starbucks order. Some of you might even know who it is! (No, it’s not me; I take my chocolate dark or milk, not white. But I digress.) I have spoken and written extensively and repeatedly about the […]

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Be an Ordinary Person

The next of our reflections on Father Thomas Hopko’s 55 Maxims for Christian Living is a surprising one. We often think that the things we do must be as extraordinary as possible. I hear more and more about people living in a state of competition, not on an athletic field or a business venture, but […]

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The Real Reason We Skip

The same topic came up the other day in two separate conversations and it was so important, I thought I would take the time in the middle of my “blogging sabbatical” to commit this one to writing, right away. It’s summertime, and naturally things get relaxed in many aspects of life, including church participation. The “summer […]

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The Importance of Gathering

In just over a month, we will host our clergy and faithful from throughout North America for the 2019 Archdiocesan Convention. In last week’s blog entry, we heard from Amy Amash who reflected on the importance of this gathering from her perspective, which many found very useful in understanding something that is so close to […]

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This week’s blog is a bit different in a few ways. It’s not strange to have a guest writer as I haven’t been penning much lately, in an attempt to keep a decent balance during a busy season. What’s strange is that my blog always attempts to eliminate any lines drawn between life and faith, […]

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Cultivate Communion With The Saints.

Christ is risen! One of the most natural things we do as human beings is live in relationship to each other: we eat together, we talk together, we work together. Some would say our very humanity is based on our relationships, one to another. While this is not the case in all Christian communion, Orthodox […]

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Read Good Books, a little at a time

Christ is risen! And greetings from Arizona! I just took this picture of the book “Wounded by Love” which I brought with me on the trip. I’ve been reading it for, oh, just a few years now. It exemplifies this week’s reflection in our ongoing series focusing on Fr. Thomas Hopko’s 55 Maxims for Christian […]

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Read the Scripture Regularly

Christ is risen! We’ve reached Maxim #15 of Fr. Thomas Hopko’s 55 Maxims for Christian Living, which is “Read the Scriptures Regularly.” There are many, both within Orthodoxy and outside of it, who wrongly conclude that the reading of scripture is “not really Orthodox,” and really is a Protestant practice. Nothing could be further from […]

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