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Lost and Found

Don’t you hate losing stuff? We all know the routine–you go through all your pockets, empty out your bags, back track your way through the last four days. Later, you begin to really miss whatever you lost. You wonder if you’ll ever see it again. Depending on what you’ve lost, you might keep searching for […]

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Time to Go to Church: A Time to Fear and Dread?

We Orthodox, for whom change is the exception not the norm, don’t realize that children attending church with adults has become pretty rare in Christianity outside of Orthodoxy. Protestant churches generally provide a separate experience of worship or education while adults enjoy their own worship experience, free from the need to supervise their children. Some […]

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A World without Sin

Imagine a world without sin. Perhaps it’s a world where no one needs to lock their doors because there is no one to break in, steal, and cause harm. Maybe you envision roads filled with happy motorists who have neither cause nor inclination for an excess of annoyance, let alone rage. Some of us would […]

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Learning How to Keep Inner-Peace

                                                                           Keep Inner Stillness The second principle, the second essential foundation of our spiritual life – do not react […]

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How to Work Through Resentment

Dealing with Resentments Resentment and reaction are deeply interrelated. Resentment is an impassioned reaction, based on a judgment of a person (or the self), where our passions are ignited. Resentment is a reaction which we hold within ourselves, and allow ourselves to nurture. It comes from and feeds off our passions, from judgment of others. […]

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The Resentment and Reaction Principles

Do Not Resent When we look at all the inner clutter that is in our lives, hearts and souls, what do we find? We find resentments. We find remembrance of wrongs. We find self-justifications. We find these in ourselves because of pride. It is pride that makes us hold on to our justifications for our […]

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Wise Old Turtles

Well, I finally made the time to get out and kayak for the first time this season and enjoyed a beautiful trip down the Grand River this past Monday. It was a gorgeous day, and the flora and fauna were putting on a spectacular show. I had a quick, fun encounter with a river otter, […]

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Acts 2:42–Authentic Christianity

I will be heading out soon for our Diocese’s annual Parish Life Conference (PLC), this year held near the host parish of St Elias in Sylvania, Ohio. These conferences are beautiful gatherings where a larger part of the Body of Christ gathers for worship, education, fellowship, and to witness to our common devotion to Jesus […]

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Exchanging Compassion for Clarity

One of the greatest tragedies we can encounter is this life is that of suicide. Death is the ultimate tragic result of sin, and suicide is the ultimate tragic death, since, unlike disease or accident, it comes avoidably. Only those who have been touched by the unspeakable sorrow that accompanies a suicide can truly understand […]

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A Saint from…California?

This past Sunday we celebrated All Saints Sunday, which always follows Pentecost and demonstrates the working of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church, specifically most powerfully in the lives of the Saints. These are the ones who “live and move and have their being” in God (Acts 17:28). In the Slavic traditions, […]

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A Time for Every Matter

There was wonderful, pious woman in my first parish as a priest, who got upset with me when, on the Feast of Pentecost, I announced that the coming week was fast-free, just as we are currently enjoying following this past Sunday’s celebration of the Great Feast of Pentecost. After kissing the cross and kindly touching […]

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The Lessons of Santa Fe

We Orthodox Christians have a beautiful faith with a beautiful tradition. The entire span of our human experience is seen in splendid glory, from the Blessing of a Newborn Baby on the first day of life, continuing through the sacraments of Holy Baptism, Chrismation, Communion and Confession. We have a glorious wedding service as well […]

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