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Unlocking Sacred Texts

Science fiction fans of all ages are excited for this coming Sunday’s premier of the next installment of the Star Trek franchise: “Star Trek: Discovery.” It’s hard to imagine that it all began 50 years ago this month when Captain Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy first started traveling the galaxy, going “where no one has gone […]

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“I’m not moving ANYWHERE!”

“I’m not moving ANYWHERE!” No, this wasn’t the response from some snot-nosed teenager who was asked to move to another seat on a bus to make room for a senior citizen. It was actually a senior parishioner (truth be told more than one!) in response to the announcement of this upcoming Sunday’s “Open Seating Sunday” […]

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Home, Sweet Home

Many of us have been traveling to various places throughout the summer and as nice as it is to travel and see interesting places and do interesting things, we all know the wonderful feeling of coming home. There’s just something about home that’s, well, sweet. Home is where it’s comfortable, things are familiar, and we […]

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Dramatic Tragedy, Dramatic Compassion

By now we’ve all seen the dramatic photos and videos of Harvey’s assault on Texas over the last week. The unrelenting rain, the growing number of areas flooded which leads to the corresponding growth in numbers of people needing rescue and then shelter. For many of us, this tragedy has also struck us even more […]

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A Matter of Trust

There’s a lot of talk these days about the decline of religion in our culture. All kinds of theories abound ranging from the effects this decline is having on society due to the technological advances of our day to the superseding of the individual over the group, be that family, neighborhood, or even the church. […]

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Taking a Spiritual Vacation

As the old Chicago song says, “everybody needs a little time away.” Summer is the time for vacations: taking trips to the beach or other places we can relax, spending time together with family and friends and experiencing new places and things. So it may seem strange to many of you that 26 of our […]

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Trusting God

As Father Michael is just returning from vacation, we offer this Mid-week Reflection, adapted from an article by Presvytera Ourania Chatzis, who reflects on what we enjoy when we learn to trust God more. The seasonal weather changes are comparable to the seasons of life. “There is a season for all things . . . […]

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Seeing Real Christianity

The theme of the Archdiocese Convention that is convened this week is “My House shall be called a House of Prayer for all Nations.” There are many themes that could be developed from this theme: the importance of prayer, and our call to be open to the world. Orthodoxy is apostolic—we have the apostolic faith […]

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Come, Holy Spirit, Sanctify Our Lives!

The cry for transformation and sanctification corresponds to the deepest longings and desires of the human being. The world as it is, our existence, as it actually is, needs transformation. We cannot be content with things as they are. We must change ourselves and the way things are; but how? Two Avenues There are two […]

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Language is funny. The same word, even used in a similar way, can evoke a very different meaning. If I say the word “dressing” you probably start thinking about blue cheese or Italian or French. Yet for some of you, the word “dressing” evokes images of a valance or swag or floor length curtain panels. […]

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Life, Unplugged

Greetings from the Village, where our campers are starting to wrap up their two weeks here at camp. These wonderful days are filled with so many blessings, from so many sources: the daily worship services, the engaging Christian education sessions, and of course all the fun and games of being at summer camp. At first […]

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The Decline or Rise of Faith?

The conventional wisdom of our day says that faith is on the decline. Supporting this idea is the measurable decline in the percentage of people who demonstrate a religious life. This is seen most drastically in the so-called “millennial” generation, who are statistically the least religious generation in recorded history. Even a city like Grand […]

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