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Getting to the Other Side of Holiness

Christ is risen! I’ve heard many of our parishioners share what a blessed experience Holy Week was for them this year. All kinds of theories have been shared on why it may have felt different, but I think there’s only one reason why so many thought it was so wonderful. To me it was the […]

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The Healing Power of Unction

In our Antiochian practice, tonight we take a break from following the events in the life of Christ as we do the rest of Holy Week in order to receive the Sacrament of Holy Unction. We do this once a year as a culmination of our Lenten efforts of repentance, and in preparation for receiving […]

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Our Most Surprising God

When was the last time God surprised you? Maybe that strikes you as a strange question, but I think we believe in a most surprising God. Perhaps too often we go unsurprised, and if we allow ourselves the honesty, maybe we’ll even admit that we’re too often bored with Him. I think, however, that if […]

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People Can (and do) Change

Let’s be honest: We’ve all been frustrated with someone, and in a fit of hopelessness we declare with all certainty that they will never change! But it’s not just other people. We all have qualities, habits or even addictions that we’d like (or even crave) to change, but in similar moments of hopeless despair, we […]

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The Cross in the Life of the Believer

We were blessed today with the arrival in Grand Rapids of His Eminence, Metropolitan ANTONIOS of Zahle, who will preside at tonight’s Presanctified Liturgy, bringing together all four West Michigan Antiochian Churches and some other Orthodox as well. His Eminence has had a wide-ranging ministry, from his time as a Monk and eventually Abbot, a […]

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The Foolishness of the Cross

  We learned yesterday that the visit of His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH, who was scheduled to be with us on the weekend after Pascha, has to be postponed as a meeting of the Holy Synod of Antioch has been called for that week. The occasion for the meeting is the retirement of Metropolitan GEORGE (Khodr) […]

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Straight to the Source

I would guess that all Orthodox Christians have heard of the Fathers, but many don’t know who they really are and even fewer have read them. By “the Fathers” we mean those Christian writers who did what many great Christians did–live the Faith–but also wrote about their learning and growth, enabling others to benefit from […]

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Lightening the Load

When I led the 14 mile hikes that we took our oldest campers on during my time as the camp director at the Antiochian Village, I surprised some campers by taking a larger number of the shared items needing to be carried. I would volunteer to take the fairly heavy fuel bottles for the camp […]

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Forgiveness Sunday: A Word on Forgiveness

  In her enduring wisdom and love for mankind, the Church provides us with a period of preparation before we enter Great Lent. We have passed through the Sundays of Zacchaeus, the Publican and the Pharisee, the Last Judgment, and now finally with today – the Sunday which commemorates the expulsion of Adam from Paradise. […]

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Making Room to Make Room for God

It’s too easy to think of Great Lent as the time of more: more services, more fasting (and therefore more meal planning), more (or just some?) Bible reading, and in general just more things to fit into our already-packed schedules. On one level all those things are true, but truer still is that the most […]

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Once in a (Super) Blue (Blood) Moon

Although we missed seeing the event in our area because the cloudy skies, this morning’s so-called “Super Blue Blood Moon” was a pretty rare event. It was the combination of being a second full moon in a calendar month that was also on the closest approach to Earth while passing through the Earth’s shadow. The […]

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Did you know that Fr. Michael participates as a respondent for the religion section of the GR Press? Click this link to read Fr. Michael’s response in the January 25, 2018 edition to the topic of Chattering Moviegoers; [Symptom of Something Deeper] Below is another article in which Fr. Michael communicated biblical truth relating to […]

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